Meeting June 2020

Meeting June 2020

This Monday we hosted the 1st No Code DFW meeting. We compared No Code tools.

Marketing Tools

  1. Landen (off the charts amazing)
  2. Webflow (good for highly custom)
  3. B12

Spreadsheet to App creators

  1. Glide App (GSheets to Native apps)
  2. Stacker App (Expensive but good for user registrations)
  3. Table2site (in beta)

Complex App builders

All of these create native and web apps from one build.

  1. Adalo (Best usability for newbies, doesn't allow responsiveness for webapp)
  2. Bubble (Most functionality options, poor usability)
  3. AppGyver (Free hosting, good usability & forum support, Newly released, missing some basics)